Pat Schanz
National Board Certified
Licensed Professional Counselor
Welcome to the counseling homepage.
     A butterfly is one of nature's best creatures to illustrate our ability to change. The metaphors we use to describe its process of are often applied to the human struggle. You, too, can change your life for the better, and you've taken an important first step by choosing to read this.
     The sole purpose of my work is to help you, your children and your family live happy, healthy lives. If you are looking for a counselor to help you make a change for good, you've come to the right place.

Family Care
We are only human, and life is not always easy. I help children, adolescents and families who are experiencing behavior problems, out of control emotions, depression, trauma, suicidality, self harm and the strained relationships that result from living with these challenges.
Specialty Care
I am a counselor who wants you to get better as soon as possible, so I use research-proven therapy skills and stategies that are the most effective for your needs. I provide a continuum of care designed to keep kids off of medications and out of psychiatric hospitals. Wherever you are, I will provide specialized care just right for you.  
Individual Care
Whether you are having bad feelings because of something in your current environment or past experiences have left psychological and emotional wounds that just won't heal, I can help you find joy and happiness again.